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Best time of the year for a wedding in Sarasota

The best time of the year for a wedding in Sarasota largely depends on your preferences and tolerance for weather conditions. Sarasota enjoys a subtropical climate, offering a range of options for couples seeking the perfect wedding date.

Fall (October to November):

Fall in Sarasota is often considered ideal for weddings. The weather is pleasantly warm, and the humidity starts to drop. This season provides a comfortable outdoor setting for ceremonies and receptions, with lush greenery and gardens still vibrant from the summer rains.

Winter (December to February):

For couples who prefer milder temperatures, Sarasota's winter is a fantastic choice. With average temperatures in the 60s and 70s, you can have an outdoor wedding without the scorching heat. It's the perfect time for a beach wedding with the Gulf waters as your backdrop.

Spring (March to May):

Spring brings warm, sunny days and breezy evenings. The weather is delightful for outdoor weddings, making it a popular choice for couples. The city's gardens and parks are in full bloom during this time, creating a colorful and picturesque setting.

Summer (June to September):

While the summer months can be hot and humid in Sarasota, they offer the advantage of lower wedding costs and fewer crowds. If you're considering a summer wedding, it's wise to plan for indoor venues or evening ceremonies to beat the heat.

No matter which season you choose for your Sarasota wedding, consider enlisting the services of DJ Alpha. With their expertise and talent, DJ Alpha can set the perfect mood for your special day. Whether it's a breezy beach wedding, a spring garden ceremony, or an elegant winter affair, DJ Alpha's music selection and entertainment skills will ensure that your wedding is a memorable and joyous celebration. Their experience in Sarasota's wedding scene makes them a valuable addition to your big day, enhancing the atmosphere and creating lasting memories for you and your guests.

Best time for wedding in Sarasota


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