Specialize in Love



As your wedding DJ, we will get to know each other and become friends to provide my best service.


& Sweet 16'

Whether it’s a sweet 16 or a 50th birthday, we make birthdays rock.

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School Dances
& Proms

Ready to graduate! Without a unforgettable party, don't accept that you are graduated.  

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Private Celebrations

Let's throw a party in your backyard. Find a reason to have fun, DJ Alpha will make that happen. 

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Corporate Events 

Some corporate events are looking for us to just take care of basic announcements and background music. Other corporate parties want a fun vibe with high-energy dance music, a large concert-style lighting show, photo booths, and video screens.



Catch DJ Alpha around Sarasota Bars. 

You can follow DJ Alpha on instagram and see where will be the next gig in Sarasota area.